The difference between you and i is that i apologize but you don’t

I don’t even know if it’s appropriate to write this.

I guess the misconception will always be there. Humans will always be plagued with misunderstandings and fights, cruel words and kind intentions, hidden gestures and unsaid kindness that sometimes can make or break relationships. After all, we have our own expectations and ego to contend with. Everything is mediated – everything. Any issue or problem is either mediated through our perspective, or through the influence of another – we are forever bound in this cycle of mediation, of a certain biased ego-centric perception of things – how do we view lives in any other way? Opinions shape, arguments form – conclusiveness is one of our best or worst virtues, have it your way.

In this lifetime, we will have our wrongs and rights. Nobody is perfect after all, we pick that up as we grow – what we can do is move from that imperfection in hopes that we find progress, we find rehabilitation, a sort of improvement from yesterday, last month, last year. That is what makes us human, and sometimes, that is what makes us great. So when you told me you feel offended over what i did, i just need a minute to reflect and realize my fault. Yes, i shouldn’t have done what you didn’t like. I am sorry for that. And i am sorry for any (un)intended offense ever done onto any person. The difference between you and i is that i apologize but you don’t. I might be difficult, but i don’t get wrapped up in my own mind that what i do is always acceptable or pleasant. In fact, i know that different people have different threshold; even if i deemed that i have treated you correctly, but you think otherwise – then i am at fault. See, in this equation, it is always me, and never you.

They say that when you don’t stand for anything, you fall for everything. But the thing is, how do you stand for anything at all when the human mind is amorphous and changeable and fluid? We might be creatures of comfort and constancy, but we do break out of our comfort zones from time to time. We try new things, experience life the best we can and realize that changes find us in every turn and corner of our lives. So how can we solidly say that you are wrong and I am right when it’s all a matter of perspective?

And, this is why, i will always lose in an argument.

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