My first job!


For those of you who are wondering, I started my first job recently as a copywriter in a creative company which designs websites from nothing to a world of amazing. This means I work alongside designers, web developers and the sales/account teams. My desk is right beside the lady boss so I do feel a bit pressured but other than that, we are usually busy with our own things anyways.

What is a copywriter?

My cheeky answer would be someone who copy writes la dei. But I know this wouldn’t suffice. A copywriter is someone “who comes up with the ideas and words (or “copy”) that get an advertising or promotional message across clearly and effectively. Traditionally, a copywriter’s job was to create the text for advertisements, promotional brochures, and other public relations communications. As digital media has expanded, copywriters may also focus on writing copy that promotes a product or a website generally.” This means I get to soak myself in creative work all day and feel them creativity ooze out of my brain in hopes of getting it approved for execution! Which also means I am zombie-fied at the end of the day because the thought-processes involved are just mentally draining.

My job scope is geared more towards design of webpages and coming up with tacky (well, not exactly la) headlines/contents for it. And of course, the behind-the-scenes like the atrocious proposal-writing and eventual pitching. I am currently the newest in the office so as a maknae, I am still learning the ropes of things. I still have not started OT-ing – but as with any creative agency, overtime is a normality and not something I am totally against. After all, I am here to learn and hopefully I will achieve that in the times to come. 🙂

Anyways, below are just a few examples of what a copywriter does (not what I do since my company creates websites; we don’t do ads at all). Have a lovely night! Time for me to hit the snooze button.


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