Part 2: The Red Light District – Amsterdam


We have all heard about the red light district in Amsterdam. I have come to realise that experiencing it is an entirely different matter altogether.

Women of all hair colours, skin tones, height, size, shape stand behind their glass doors – displayed for the night without a glisten of shame, it seems. I do not know how to react to the entire affair; I am only capable of staring at them, my mouth and eyes wide open at their beauty – truly, they are all so exotic looking and beautiful. I thought to myself,  no wonder men are hooked onto porn. They look so surreal. In Asia, we would have labelled them as cos-playing but I guess when you are running a business, dressing yourself up in a style where men can lust and fantasise on is a totally separate issue.

The red light district in Amsterdam is separated into a few streets and it is filled with tourists. An ang moh asks Sarah and I if we are okay with the whole thing. Confused, I look at him and say, “yes, of course, why wouldn’t we be?”. He gestures at our hair – I supposed being black-haired and Asian means ultra-conservative. He has no idea how liberal we can be even though we are Easterners. We insist that we are not shocked – we aren’t brought up in nunneries after all.

I couldn’t hide my curiosity and I approach a group of guys whose friend has just solicited one of the women behind the glass door. “How much is it, do you know?”. Sheepish, they say 50 Euros. “Wow, that’s cheap!”, I mouth. They don’t know how to respond – I don’t blame them. Rather, one of them replies with a “It’s his 20th birthday, and it’s his first time” and they proceed to nudge one another. Boys being boys. “Wow, you guys are really nice to stand outside and wait for him here then”. Sarah and I laugh and move on. We have no idea why he would want to pop his cherry with a hooker but I suppose it doesn’t really matter – they are extremely gorgeous anyways, who wouldn’t want to do them?

Too bad, there are only girls behind the glass doors. I wonder what would happen if there were hunks behind them too. I think the results would be quite surprising.

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