From a Friend

“Back at home now, after wonderful parties. Glad that even though our friendship was found on something so spontaneous, yet the concreteness of it all has lasted over 3 years. 1000 days!!! Can you believe it? Which leads on to my point.

Life is a constant tension – sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes its nice to be accompanied with flowing conversation, sometimes the silent-breaks add character to it just like old shoes in hearty stew. Sometimes we want to give our all to a cause, sometimes we want to hold back because we fear that we may not be right in completely dedicating ourself to that pursuit. Life’s full of contradictions, sometimes we realise them immediately whilst other times we don’t till after the fact. Sometimes life’s smooth sailing. Sometimes we feel intense love or infatuation toward another party, sometimes it’s cold, cynical aloofness to that same person. Such tension, sometimes it excites, sometimes it vexes.

But overall in that sometimes, over all times is this one fact true – that variety, a willingness to adventure and conquer the unknown -is key to another step down this great journey called life – taking comfort in the fact that the formidable path is not truly “unknown” but has been walked by others before us, and also taking comfort in the fact that for the truly unknown unknowns, we are blazing new ground. (Inspired by Dick Cheney).”

I received an e-mail from a friend today. I was a little tense over the pile of work which seems to increase as the days approach the weekend; today I hit the jackpot with my first ever solo project (a little too soon, me thinks albeit being a small one) at work. I smiled after reading this and despite the occasional incoherency of his words, I would say our thoughts are on the same page. And this is the magic. Because three years ago, we met in a club and danced till morning; at the end, the whole group of us ate McDonald’s for breakfast and took the earliest train back home.

Now, we are both growing into the adults we have dreamed about and yes, we are still friends despite the distance and rare conversations we have.

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