Typical trait of today’s young wo/man


I would like to think that we could afford to be nicer since we seem to be affording everything else just fine, right?

The beauty of our times have always been about the workings of ci-vi-li-za-tion, a word academics have forgo using. Put plainly, human nature is multi-faceted and like all things in this world, we have to accept the good and the bad. Sometimes though, you get weighed down by the ugliness we all seem extremely capable of portraying. Today, that happened to me.

The only reason why I am not confronting the person is because we are not friends – we are in this weird structural relationship which allows our paths to cross from time to time. I was surprised by how rude and judgmental she was though. I might not have a very strong work ethic – I sometimes perform subpar during work or get distracted while my colleagues ramble on about their ideas but at the very least, I know how to keep my mouth shut and not spew out words which might hurt me in the end. I know I am treading on a dangerous path. My blog is very public and anyone, everyone could read this and use it against me. I apologise but I truly cannot comprehend the rudeness which seems to define their entire person and I just had to type it out. Basically she put a finality on a piece of work – a finality which was based on her negative view –  even before she had seen it in person. Angered by her own mediation of what she perceived to be the branding of that  particular work, she wanted to produce a negative response to it. I don’t see how someone can be so pernicious in such a bland and seemingly manner. For those of us who have started work, you would know the new sense of responsibilities and silent guarding of reputation, be it your own or your organization’s. To just casually throw cheap words out there, even if it is to your fellow workmate is irresponsible and plain unprofessional.

In the office, we have all sorts of colleagues with varying personalities. It is fine with me if you have a fetish for dildos or am secretly racist (we are all actually. Don’t bullshit me and say you are not. I will just tell you to fuck off). It is okay to be extremely stingy with your money or selfish with your food – some people just don’t share – but it is not okay to bring an extremely personal trait of yours onto the work space in which each of us plays a part in. It is not alright to act way beyond your years of experience when you do not have legit qualifications to justify your claims. Maybe you are better than some of us. Maybe you are more talented, smarter, brighter, just more of that je na sais quoi (new word learnt today!) basically. But if you don’t tame that obnoxiousness and high-handedness attitude of yours, talent will and can only bring you so far before you are brought down by your own Achilles heel. We are all young and learning. We are not even in our 2nd year of our career, we are nowhere close. Slow down. Catch your breath a little and try to remember that in the working world, you, me and our peers are just rookies trying to make something fulfilling out of our careers.

You have not earned the rights, experiences or even qualifications to be acting like a fucked up bitch who has to have a golden platter littered with diamonds served to her. You have not earned anyone’s respect for that yet.

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