2013 in bulletpoints


It’s my favourite time of the year again (apart from March and August). Exactly a week left for the year, people are either at a mad scramble to finish what they have started or start what they have yet to finish.

24th of December has always been a joyous (influenced by marketing strategies) one; I bought so many books this month I am perpetually happy and anticipating my next book to be read. This year, the year 2013, has been momentous. 2013 will be one of a kind – for various reasons. It would be a year of many firsts and it would continue to be impressionable for the rest of my life.

This year,

  • I graduated from NUS – held onto a scroll which meant and still mean nothing to/for me
  • I moved into my very first rented unit with my favourite girls and finally left behind a world of immature debauchery and misplaced priorities
  • Travelled around Europe alone for two months and
  • Met friends who exposed entirely different worldviews and culture
  • Started my first job – a job I wanted so badly and actually like
  • Accepted that some friendships are toxic and replaceable
  • While others should always be taken care of
  • I stop depending on my parents financially and start paying them back for all they have done for me instead
  • I accepted myself – wholly and while not as fully, I am working towards that goal
  • My grandaunt died and I – well,
  • is a year of rearranged priorities and new dreams

How was yours?

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