All in a day’s work

workplace overworked

A recount of last weekeen’s OT.

As I type this, I am plugged onto Youtube and am attempting to spin out word after word to complete the submission due on Monday. Yes, I am aware that today is Saturday. My butt is parked onto the chair in the office. I am using my colleague’s desk because there’s only four of us – my fellow comrade and the two bosses. We are sick and tired from the 11.30pm OTs for the past few days – but we shall not falter.

I like to believe I am invincible.

I will never get tired. That the morning where I will miss all alarm bells and snoozes will never come. But of course, this is but a sad reality I will have to confront sooner or later.  I like my job. You don’t hear this often, but I really do. Because this is my first Saturday-OT-call back for work day, I shall keep a log in this post.

10am – Cabbed from Tampines to workplace

10.30 – ‘Hi!’ ‘So early? I thought you will reach at 11 plus’. ‘LOL’

11am – Work on Proposal A

12.30pm – Bosses come in

1pm – Print out Proposal B for Boss to read

1.15pm – Make changes to Proposal B. Edit Document A. Fill up Document B

1.20pm – Designer asked to look through content for inforgraphic.

1.25pm – Developer asked to edit his content in case of incoherency/grammar issues.

1.30pm – Start eating lunch.

1.40pm – Attempt to eat lunch while checking through developer’s content.

2.00pm – Boss came over to design more concepts.

2.20pm – Finish discussing. Lunch still half-eaten.

2.25pm – Boss wants to further expand proposal and make necessary amendments (growing checklist).

3.54pm : Done with developer’s document editing. Vet designer’s design while working on Document A.

4.02pm : Message new BT to cancel dinner plans.

4.21pm: Redeveloped new design concepts. Copywrite the design concept.

5.02pm: Finish Doc A and design concept. Work on Document B *this is going to be a long one.

Boss asked if my second proposal is near completion. “Um no, are we really doing it? Can meh? Got time meh?”

In which my boss replied, “Of course la, you write so fast…just cut paste some things, put in the solution. We will be done. Don’t worry”. In which my 0.5 level self just felt like combusting right there and then. I highly doubt I will have any pieces left if I overwork continually like this. HAHA.

5.57pm: Google Steve Job’s presentation to get inspired so that copywriting skills can level up.

7.57 pm: Done with Document B and Proposal A – worked on another document which boss passed over.

8.30pm: Dinner – a quick one.

9.00pm: Re-edit Proposal A, make all necessary changes and finally start on Proposal B.

10.30pm: Still doing Proposal B. Too tired from the previous OTs to even concentrate.

Moments later, I inform my lady boss and told her I will be going back home to continue working on it.

11pm: Drop by hall to find a friend.

12.30am: Reach home. Start doing Proposal B.

2.30am: Concussed on bed.


Next day 8.30am : Wakes up and repeat cycle.

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