Going home.


Chinese New Year is fast approaching. The imminent CNY is no different from previous years other than the fact that I have started working and this shall be the first year I will be able to give ‘ang pow’ to my parents. I bought gifts for them too; the usual facial care for the mum and a luggage for the dad (his ancient one already has a spoilt zip and broken wheel, me thinks).

I sometimes forget my favourite sounds in the world. One of them would be my parents’ and extended relatives’ (esp grams) voices; the other would be the sound of wheels tensed underneath packed luggage zooming across various platforms. They have seen places, my luggage. Over the years, I have changed a few and all of them remained faithful until the very last days. I have never been a settler. I am not going to proclaim that I am an avid traveller either (I am not. I do like the comforts of a permanent home). What I do like though, is the sound of wheels on tar road, their silence on carpeted floors and the smooth, repetitive sound on tiled floors. They bring back fond memories.

I had my first solo adventure when I was ten. Somehow, my parents’ planning involved me flying back alone to Taiwan. For a young girl, this was the most epic thing that could have happened in her young life. I had to pass through the immigration counter by myself, scan my own bag pack (and a soft toy), get checked by officers and was allowed to board through the first class lane while the rest of the passengers looked on. Just because I was a kid travelling alone, I was upgraded to business class, the nicest flight attendant took care of me the entire time. People basically kept asking if I was okay since I was so young. I felt like royalty (hehe) and in hindsight, the perks of being a kid are extremely rewarding. I arrived safely; my mum and grams were on the other side waiting to pick me up. This memory of mine remains vivid up to this day. I remember the fear, anticipation and excitement all rolled into one and the voice of my dad congratulating me for having “made it”. My parents have always had immense faith in me. They allowed me to do what I wanted to do when I said I could do it. They believed and still believe in me and for this, no amount of materials could ever compensate for the faith and love they have for me in their beating hearts.

It will be Chinese New Year in approximately two weeks’ time. I will be ushering the New Year with them as well as blowing my birthday candles in their presence. Like every other year, I am not the lead actor during my birthday. My mum is. She is the woman who had to endure 9 months of pain, the eventual labor process and the following 22 years worrying and nurturing me to be the grown (and still growing) woman of today. Both my mum and dad are the leading actors in my life and the anticipation of going home has never felt better.

To always have faith in my family as they had for me. (fam:ith)

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