Leave, Leaving, Left


There once lived a boy and a girl with two extremely different minds.

He was a blacksmith and she was a painter. His world was black with soot and red with fire while hers was all kind of colors and contained different bridges into imagined worlds. Somehow they talked and became closer. Despite and in spite of their polarized personalities, they were the best of friends. They argued from time to time, their differences stark and clear, yet they remain the best of friends. After all, friendship was a dear, dear thing.

Years later, they were still the closest pair of friends imaginable even if they now lived far away from each other. One day, she discovered that she was falling for him and after weeks have passed, she decided to tell him how she felt. He accepted the declaration graciously, and nicely rejected his best girl friend. She, like any other being, moved on. They were merry once again.

Everything was fine at first, but he now lived with the fear of her falling for him again. Bit by bit, the cracks began to show and they argued more and more. It took her long enough, but one day, she finally realized he no longer trusted her with her own feelings and lived badgered by thoughts of his bestie falling for him. To him, it was simple, if she could break his trust once, she could do it again and again.

So, she brought him to the cliff and demanded an ultimatum. Pick the friendship or terminate it, she said. In which he replied, “let me save us both the bullshit.”

Upon hearing this, she realized that the end was right in front of her eyes. So she picked up her skirts and walked away from the cliff and wondered how he could end the friendship thinking it’s their “incompatible minds” as the cause when his fears was the most destructive element of all. She very much wanted to ask her usual, “Why do you always bully me?” But no matter how much she treasures this friendship, it had already ended the moment she declared she liked him months before.

They then lived happily ever after, if ever, the notion of happily ever after exists.

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