Dreaming of Traveling


It’s fast how time passes us by.

This time, last year, I was busy planning my solo trip and stressing over what to do/bring/see and no do/bring/see. If all goes according to plan, I might be able to partake in the Europe experience again this year. We will see how it turns out and perhaps, this time, I will have a travelling companion with me.

I imagine myself walking the streets of Amsterdam again, ogling at drop-dead gorgeous girls who sell their bodies for a living and I can’t help but laugh. Sarah and I don’t regale others with our Amsterdam tales much but when we do, people often look at us in shock and disbelief. In all honesty, we almost died in Amsterdam(and no, I am not exaggerating). We acted foolishly and without any qualms for our own safety and yet, God must have paid extra attention to us that night. We reached home safely that night at blasted 4 in the morning with temperature closing in near zero. I sometimes can’t believe my intelligence. My bagpack was filled summer shirts, a cotton scarf and a semi-winter jacket I borrowed from Sarah. It wasn’t even wool but a synthetic nylon-like material which could break the wind but the cold still seeped in, resulting in my constant shivering and attempt to walk-run to warm myself.

A year ago, I was wide-eyed, naive and foolish – filled with many suppressed fears and unfulfilled dreams. This year, things have changed and I feel myself easing more and more into the woman I will one day become ( I hope – it is still very much an ideal and I sometimes find it hard to find my footing) – wise, self-assured and expansive. I hope Europe will happen. I am beginning to miss the anonymity of it all. If it doesn’t, I will just find another place to explore, another city to fall in love with and in time, I will also find a boy who will love travelling as much as I do with similar reasons and justifications – one that stops bothering to update social sites after a while and relish instead, of being in the moment.

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