Before it all happens.

One. Your feet taper lightly on the sandalwood floor and I wonder if the future is in our hands, if you are really the one in my life – will that be a conscious choice or a decision already made by fate? Will we break apart after the 622nd date or remain devoted to memorizing the lines in our faces even after 622 months?

Two. I googled the meaning of “rebound” the other day; I closed the tab even before the results loaded. What am I afraid of really? What am I subscribed to, actually?

Three. Your actions are one-hit wonders, my heart is light, my very soul right with the times spent together – your words, on the other hands are three strikes down and more. I have always believed that actions speak louder than words but now, I sometimes wonder if, actions are equally as capable as words to lie.

Four. I fell.

Five. Maybe one day I will look back and heave sighs of relief – will we happen, will we not? Regardless of it all.

Six. Maybe if I didn’t like you so hard, there wouldn’t be a need for these numerals.

Seven. My lucky number. The end.

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