To the boy I love.


There’s a light touch on my shoulder that I cannot shrug off.

I remember the very firsts we had with each other – a rarity in our twenties where clamorous articles try to feed you with the whys you should be single and how you should find yourself first. Regardless, I found you anyway. There was a time where you brazenly held my hand in the taxi prior to any officiation; my right hand tingled and we awkwardly tried to find that old, comfortable position seasoned couples seem to always have with their hands. I remember, too, the time we went out on our sorta first casual-date – you in your black shirt (I no longer remember what I wore) and those crazy pink cheeks and spectacles that reminded me of all things magical and homelike – nestled in just one person. You kissed me, slowly, we seemed to have had a thousand silent conversations with those kisses and stolen pecks – is it still possible to find such simplicity in an age where superficiality is crawling and pretentiousness is trendy? I furtively whispered a yes – I found you, didn’t I?

Perhaps you think that I only write sad things about you. The truth is that I have always been a partial writer who seems to write the sad things easier than the happy. If I could string words on how you tug at my tiny heart every single day and how you silent that annoying, buzzing sound the world has, if I could fill up pages of you with seamless, eloquent words, I would but now I am still found wanting. In you, I have found something that I have always been searching – light joy and quick lessons on how to be a better person. This time round feels different from my previous relationship – maybe it is because I am 4 years older and wiser; I know (firmly) what I want and how my life should be dictated – I breathe freely, sleep with an open heart with an even more open mind and live with dreams on my back – sometimes I am unable to believe the position I am in now; fulfilled and full with blessings from every department in life.

2014 has been kind to me so far – we are in June already, can you believe it? The years seem to be zooming by more quickly than ever. Even so, we should always be mindful to never convert to a cesspool of unthinking individuals that are only chasing papers and synthetic materials. I have always believed there’s more to life than any current set of beliefs or ideologies we hold. It still guides me through today.

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