Happy Birthday, my fellow Walrus.


Phi Phi Island

Phi phi island

Cave Canoeing

Eleven years ago, we donned our pale blue pinafores (they were horrible) and white blouses and started our high school careers with absolutely no idea how things will pan out after reaching the end. Ten years ago, we sat side by side, noses burrowed deep in our Harry Potter books, uncaring about the world and caring too much about body images – now we have half-mastered self-belief, endurance, perseverance and tenacity when pursuing our ideals.

There are the occasional moments when I feel bewildered; I closed my eyes and now we are in our mid twenties…the yesteryears of our teen lives are gone abruptly. What remain are the imprints of our friendship, now solidified into unbreakable chains of human bonds. We generally tend to forget a lot of things but, we also tend to remember a lot of other things. What I remember was the incessant textings we used to send one another. I remember that you slept from 3pm to 7pm after school and that you often told your parents you were staying over at my place during a night-out. I also remember your favourite books fell in a genre I will never touch, Crime. You tried to straighten your teeth by pushing them with your fist and attempted to create dimples by sticking a pencil on your cheeks. We used to sit by the compound near the school field during recess – first, to avoid the mad crowd and second, to talk about whimsical dreams and pining that we have now finally fulfilled.

Today, I like to believe that we have attained half of what we had hoped for in the past. Stable careers, independence, men we love and who love us back, the ability to forgo the superficiality of lives and bake, instead, in life’s essence. Sometimes we might wander and find ourselves lost in unexpected paths. Others, we might lose hope and find no light and no end of a tunnel. At the end of it all though, what is certain is that you will be there in the dark to guide me through. What is even more certain is that our friendship will continue to grow and sift along with the years and this will always remain as one of the greatest blessings life has given me so far.

Happy Birthday, Karmun. We shall have many more travel-trips to come in the future. ❤

One thought on “Happy Birthday, my fellow Walrus.

  1. NGAWWWWW you just made my heart melt. It’s dripping out of my belly button right now in a pool that resembles the leftovers of cookies and cream ice-cream — mushy, but still delicious and I would lap it up all over again :’)

    We have been through tonnes, haven’t we? Yet here we are, scratched and bruised in some parts, but more than whole as individuals. I love you so so much (as I do the other Walruses, jsut in case one sealion reads this and accuses me of not thinking about her hehehe). You’ve helped me grown as much as you say I’ve helped you, although I must argue that I think you did me more good than the other way round. You’ve always kept me grounded and if ever I had anything on my chest, I could always count on you to hear me out, and that is my favourite part of us, our friendship. It’s always been that effortless. We just tell each other everything and anything and more than anything, that has helped me grow, heal, and evolve into something stronger, better.

    Thank you for this beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes reading this (and it’s not just a matter of speech!). I was instantaneously brought back to the small tight compound in front of the CGL’s exam hall, where we used to sneak out of class to hang out and talk about love, life and everything in between.

    You’ve been in my life 11 years and i hope you’ll be in it for many years more. Because I will take everything I have and make sure I stay in yours, whether you want me to or not.

    Love you, Walrus ❤

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