Itinerary: 5 days in Tokyo


Day 1 

Arrive in Tokyo. Visit the Imperial Palace and its gardens. Drop by Ginza to have a look at the luxury shops. A trip to Odaiba for Japan’s night view.

Day 2

Wake up early and head on to Tsukiji Market for fresh and scrumptious sashimi. After that, go on to Roponggi Hills for a day’s view of Japan (You can also view it from the Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree but they are overrated and crowded). After that, visit the National Art Centre and Ghibli Museum.Drop by the National Museum to know more about Japan’s history. After that, you can choose to head back to Roponggi or Shibuya/Shinjuku for a taste of Tokyo’s nightlife.

Day 3 

Start your day early with a trip to Meiji Shrine. Then, experience Harujuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya and Shinjuku – the shopping districts in Japan. After that, head into Asakusa (for temples) and Akhibara, the electric town.

Day 4 

A day trip to Mt Fuji. Need I say more?

 Day 5

Drop by Ueno before departing.

Travelling: Opt for the JR Suica card that costs ¥5000 that includes a return ticket to the airport and a Suica (similar to MRT card) that has ¥1500 pre-loaded in it. You will be refunded ¥500 when you return the Suica.


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