A visual journey through the Vatican Museums

Vatican Museum Vatican Museum, Sculpture Vatican Museum Vatican Museum c Vatican Museum, Sculpture Rome, Vatican Museum Vatican Museum

Vatican Museum Vatican MuseumVatican Museum Vatican MuseumThe Vatican Museums is not something you would forget once you step foot into this behemoth institution. The size and grandeur of it all would leave a mark in your brain. The fact that you will soon be able to see the infamous Sistine Chapel will mark a milestone in itself as well.

Museums might sound like a boring and desert place but in the Vatican Museums, expect incessant buzzing of tourists chattering and mad shuffling of feet – it seems like individuals from as as many different countries have volunteered for this tour. Unlike a global event where participants are tagged and snacks are served, this museum is hot, uncomfortable and distracting (not because of the works displayed).

I paid dearly with my pictures as I was reluctantly pushed forward before I could take a picture proper (of course, my then inadequate photography skills did not help matters too). In the end, I gave up snapping and gave myself up to enjoying 5 hours of touring. These pictures are poor representations of my experience – I am at awed and, at the same time, weary of my involvement – perhaps one day I will revisit the Sistine Chapel but for now, they will remain vibrant in my mind – alongside the guards who found it necessary to keep “shush-ing” and ushering us across the hallway of the chapel.

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