Itinerary: 5 days in Rome, Italy

Vatican Museum

Day 1

Head to the Vatican Museums for an hour or two of queueing (unless you have already gotten online tickets or a Rome Pass). In Vatican Museums – don’t miss the Etruscan Museum, Egyptian Museum, Museo Capitolino, Lateran Profane Museum, Vatican Pinacoteca and finally, the prize in the bag, Micheangelo’s Sistine Chapel (I might have missed other museums, take a look here for a more comprehensive list). My personal favorite is the last part – Gallery of Tapestries and the Gallery of Maps.
After the heavy museum-hopping, head over to St Peter’s Basilica¬†and bask in the square. If you are not too tired, then head over to Castel Sant’Angelo which was once the tallest building in Rome.

Day 2

Today is a day to visit the gladiators’ home – The Colosseum. Then, arm yourself with an umbrella as you tour around the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Not far away, Vittorio Emanuele II Monument, the memorial building, awaits in its glorious Italian splendour.

In the evening, visit the Pantheon and walk a little further to see the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps.

Day 3

Spend your morning in Villa Borghese for the Galleria Borghese. Make sure you have already call to reserve your tickets earlier on as tickets are limited in this museum. This is perhaps one of the best museum in Rome.

After that, you can find some time shopping in Via Del Corso or Via Cola di Rienzo. Revisit the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps in the day and experience something different.

Day 4

Day trip to Naples and Pompeii (after all, how is Rome complete without these two?)

Day 5

You can either choose to visit the National Gallery (which was what I did) or take a trip to Hadrian’s villa near Tivoli or Appian Way. Of course, by day 5 you would have successfully hunted Rome’s pizzas.

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