Part 1.1 – Exploring Penang’s Georgetown

Penang, Home DSCF0005 Jubilee Clock Tower, Georgetown Penang Street Art Penang Street Art Penang Street Art Georgetown Road Sign Georgetown, Penang Georgetown Street ArtPenang Street ArtPenang Georgetown, Heritage SitePenang Street ArtPenang Street ArtPenang Street Art Penang Street Art Georgetown Penang PostcardsThe month of October 2014 has been one filled with change and non-stop adventure. Jambu and I no longer have jobs and have decided to travel first to my home in Penang and then to Bandung, Bali and Jogjakarta. These impromptu trips will come in parts, sometimes jarring and out of sync, as I write based on what I feel.


I no longer recognize this tiny island and to even admit it is home is perhaps ridiculous now – how is it home when I am unable to chart the changes and recognize them – roads, cafes, new landmarks – in these four years? Even my tiny home is fraught with changes – a new TV, newer collection of plants, dad’s new laptop – especially when my room is fast becoming the second storeroom of the house.

Playing tourist with Jambu this time round – I focused on the usual, food and the classic must-gos. One of the draws in Penang is Georgetown. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, this is the pride and shine of Penangites. Where else would you find such the works of prolific street artists; even the streets tingle with a sense of yesteryear’s culture and way of life. So, on a hot and sunny afternoon, Jambu and I drive to this mini discovery spot and begin our spot-the-murals adventure. I am pleased to discover that a new Batik Museum has opened with entrance ticket priced atRM5 (well worth the tic!)

To counter the heat, we have with us an umbrella and a map to refine the hunting process. The following spots shouldn’t be missed:

  • Kapitan Keling Mosque
  • Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
  • Khoo Kongsi
  • Sun Yat San Museum
  • Queen Street
  • Armenian Street
  • Its many quaint/unique cafes (just google it and an exhaustive list will come out)
  • And it’s street art

As expected, after 45 minutes, Jambu couldn’t take the heat anymore and requested to go home for a nap. It’s not that Georgetown is found wanting. We have, after all, captured what we came and since it was really hot, I relented. Later that afternoon, I grabbed my mum along to our next destination – Hin Bus Depot.

P.S: I have been trying to catch up with my travels for a year now. I am left with Spain – a journey I will continue after I have completed this year’s travels.

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