Part 2.2 – Hitting all the tourist spots in Bali

Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Monkey Beach Uluwatu, Bali, Monkey TempleUluwatu Temple, Bali, Monkey Beach

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is beautiful because it faces the cliff and you can see the waves crushing towards you in all its mighty blueness. It was made even more beautifu – in a morbid way- because Jambu and I could have died driving there. He had this brilliant idea of renting a manual car from his friend at a very cheap rate. He suggested visiting the temple the next day.

The naive me didn’t think to ask if the road to Uluwatu would be hilly and turned out, it was. I had not driven a manual car since 6 years ago. It came as no surprise that the Avanza car slid down the hilly slope in reverse because I was in the wrong gear. Thank God there was minimal car around and I slowly mastered the gears I should be in – after a major breakdown and sobbing between tears of “I don’t wanna drive anymore! This is too difficult”. Jambu assumed I was angry at him for putting me through the whole stress-test but in actuality, I was angry at myself for failing to drive properly.

Anyways, back to the temple. To enter, you have to pay an entrance fee of 20,000Rp (approximately 2 SGD). After that, you are free to roam the whole complex. Be careful not to have loose items around you (i.e. cap, spectacles, water bottles) as it is famouly known that the monkeys will grab it from you. If this really happens to you, one of the guides there will help you extract the item – so, no worries there.

Padang-padang Beach, Bali Padang-padang beach, Bali Padang-padang Beach, Bali

Padang-Padang Beach

This beach is located a mere 15 minutes drive from Uluwatu Temple. To get there, you have to descend a narrow staircase with rocks threatening to squash you on both sides (it’s mostly a one way road). Once at the bottom, you will see dozens of surfers waiting for the big waves to kick in – yep, this is mostly a surfing beach. There are many people who are just lazing by the beach and reading a book though, so no reason you can’t too if you decide to visit this place.

As it is near Uluwatu Temple, the road is pretty much small, hilly and filled with slopes. Even the parking is either downslope or upslope. It was here where I adamantly told Jambu I will not be able to “unpark” ourselves and drive to our next destination (Ha-Ha). I kept trying to reverse and failing because some smart-ass parked their truck inches away from our rented Avanza. In the end, one of the drivers lounging around the carpark approached us and said, “I will help you” – ta-dah! Our transport was saved and my stress level decreased ten-fold. (Later on, when Jambu’s friend met up with us for dinner, he was surprised that I managed to drive to Uluwatu after so many years of being away from manual cars).

Well, the boyfriend actually almost killed us….

Sunset, Kuta Beach, Bali Sunset, Kuta Beach, Bali Sunset, Kuta Beach, Bali Beachwalk, Bali

Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beach and Beachwalk Mall

Kuta Beach is crowded and popular in Bali because it is one of the first few beaches to be opened to the public. I like it because the beach is reflective. The remnants of the sea water in addition to the sunny sun blazing overhead allows you to take beautiful photos easily. Today, a massive Beachwalk Mall has been developed and in it (honestly, the mall scares me) every possible eatery that can be found in Singapore (i.e. Sushi Tei, Fish and Co, Tony Romas, Blackball) is found there.

Sunrise, Sanur BeachSunrise, Sanur BeachSunrise, Sanur BeachSunrise, Sanur Beach

DSCF3035 Sunrise, Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach

Or Nusa Dua? That was the question Jambu kept debating with himself. I am not particularly interested in sunrises/sunsets because, well….the sun rises and sets everyday, what could possibly make this sunrise any special-er other than the fact that we are on holiday? (Oops, sorry!). In the end though, we rose at 4.30 am after a 10 minute debate of “I want to sleep…should I sleep…let’s sleep…nonono, let’s go for the sunrise” and drove to Sanur Beach for the sunrise. Turns out, there were other people there as well. The whole affair was serene – like my sleep – and slow – like how I feel when I want to sleep more. Hehe. Ok lah, I can’t appreciate this like how some of you do so I really can’t say much about sunrises/sunsets.

Okay. That’s all for now. Stay tuned for my next updates on Bali-dao!

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