A reminder for the year 2015

DSCF5276January 1, 2015.


In the last year, I have travelled to 9 different places in Asia. I am not thrilled by the idea of traveling – that word itself is a luxury that is now taken for granted with the emergence of low cost carriers and dozens of review sites/blogs. The idea of traveling tires me sometimes – the hours of transits, the uncertainty of a new place, the insecurity of your own safety, etc. Flying around is tiring. Yet, one of the reasons I don’t stop is the sort of unofficial family tradition, especially with my mum, when it comes to travelling.

Sure, we quarrel over the silliest things. I overreact, am impatient and unforgiving in most times but over the years, we have come to a certain middle ground with continual changes. One of the things I love the most about this life is the opportunity to travel with my mum and her never-ending zest to see and experience new things. She’s more enthusiastic and genial when it comes to living and embracing life. Her trusting nature even towards strangers is something my Dad and I lack and deemed as foolish – yet she has made so much beautiful moments just by extending that trust to strangers. There’s a lot to learn from her (and from my dad of course); when we travel together, this learning is amplified and leaves a lot for me to reflect on.

I don’t usually have resolutions but as adults, I am sure you, and I, have certain dreams, milestones, achievements that we want to realise. This year, my resolutions would be to:

  1. Travel less and to travel selectively
  2. Write more
  3. Learn more about the art world and never stop learning
  4. Take myself seriously
  5. Get out of my comfort zone once in a while
  6. Delete at least one social media account (probably Facebook)

I am sure we are all filled with the usual hopes – do our best, be our best, pursue our dreams, etc. The lives of today seems short on time and we are easily distracted by new visions and old dreams. Regardless, I hope you all find yourself amidst the turbulent issues in this world and when you feel lost or chaotic amidst all the blaring newsfeed, try to remember a time where all these technologies didn’t exist and how differently you would have lived – then perhaps that’s one step forward to discovering who you are and who you can be.

Happy New Year.

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