Eating our heart out in Hong Kong

Hong Kong The Peak

Hong KongHong Kong DSCF0117-95 Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong, Tsui WahHong Kong, Tim Ho Wan

Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Paradise Dynasty Hong Kong Paradise Dynasty Hong Kong Hui Lau Shan Hong Kong Hui Lau Shan

Hong Kong, Jordan

Hong KongHong Kong

Hong Kong in August is Hot, Frustrating, Tiring and Crowded that made one even more Determined to have fun – so it was for me. I have been to Hong Kong numerous times – from when I was one in which I remembered nothing, obviously, to my older – more conscious – years. Hong Kong was always a haven for roasted goose meat and kai lan. Nothing could beat it until I discovered London’s Four Seasons.

Hong Kong is best experienced through her breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are so many hidden cafes, joints, bars and restaurants that you literally eat around the clock just to get a taste of what the city has to offer. So what tops my myopic list are as follows:

Tsui Wah

Which is everywhere in Hong Kong. Overrated perhaps – but here’s the place to go to experience the quintessentially Hong Kong-ers’ breakfast and dinner. There are many other cafes that boast the best breakfast in Hong Kong but I believe that tourists are not native enough to really differentiate between what is good and better.

Cafe de Coral

My absolute favourite because I am a cheapo (you won’t find any Michelin starred restaurant here except for Tim Ho Wan) when it comes to food. I don’t believe in paying USD300 for a dessert that I am just going to poop out a few hours later – so yes, Cafe de Coral is an absolutely love because of the sentiments I have towards it. This is the place that I have dined in countless of times with my mum in different outlets all over the island. The food is so-so but it is cheap and the portion is huge. So, if you are hungry traveller on budget, this is the place for you.

Tai Hing Roast

Juicy char siew to warm your tummy. Their pork dishes are really quite nice – I generally don’t eat pork due to that particular taste to it but Tai Hing does it right. What I don’t get is though, why the roasted chickens in Hong Kong always have the layer of oily yellow fat (not just Tai Hing, mind you) all over the meat. I am definitely not one to order chicken when in HK.

Tim Ho Wan

Need I say more? This is pretty self-explanatory. Hong Kong has the best dim sum – i.e better than Taiwan, Malaysia or Singapore. And Tim Ho Wan is consistently one of the best. Be prepared to queue though. Always remember to approach the  front desk and ask the waitress for a queue number. If not, you will never be served.

Hui Lau Shan and Matcha Desserts

Not a big fan of desserts but Hui Lau Shan’s mango desserts are amazeballs. Much talked and raved about I know, but there’s truly no where else that does mango desserts better. Also, by matcha desserts, I mean green tea ice cream (similar to Nana) and any other green-tea-related-desserts. It really is quite nice (and I wonder when the craze will reach Singapore). We tried the one in the basement of Times Square where Cooked Deli is and man, slurps. Imagine yourself eating chocolate ice-cream (which never goes wrong) but in green tea flavour. Slurps.


In all honesty, I am probably the least suitable person to be recommending or talking about what to eat in Hong Kong. I am generally not a foodie. I am the kind of person who eats the same food for a few days straight in a new place just because I am too lazy and unadventurous. I eat to live, not live to eat. Despite this fact though, my boyfriend is quite a foodie and enjoys a good hearty meal. In truth, this post is more of a keepsake. One day, I will browse my site and see the food we had both enjoyed with our friends during our trip to Hong Kong during the summer of 2015 which so happens to be the SG50 weekend in Singapore as well, and that would be a nice walk down memory lane.

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