(Photoblog) Visiting Bangkok’s Grand Palace

Ticket price for:
Grand Palace: 500 Baht
Wat Pho: 100 Baht

Time taken:
Grand Palace: 30 minutes-1 hour
Wat Pho: (take a 15 minutes’ walk from the Grand Palace) 20-30 mins
Grand Palace, Bangkok

Grand Palace, BangkokGrand Palace, BangkokBangkok Grand PalaceGrand Palace, BangkokGrand Palace, BangkokGrand Palace, BangkokWat Pho, BangkokWat Pho, BangkokWat Pho, BangkokDSCF0283-168Wat Pho, BangkokGrand Palace, Bangkok

Journal: Third time visiting Bangkok’s Grand Palace and I was still in awe. When I knew I was going to see all that gold and glitter again, I was secretly pleased. Our Uber ride from the centre of Bangkok, criss-crossing past Chinatown and finally arriving at the entrance of the palace 30 minutes later, was only 120baht. I was expecting the crowd but Mr R. was not.

The initial plan was to wake up at 7.30am and reach there at 8 before the teeming crowd. Obviously it failed because I woke up very much later. There were too many tour groups to even count – I heard tour guides speaking in Chinese, Korean, French and German before I lost it all and realised that I was definitely not going to be able to fully enjoy this experience. Regardless.

We took in all the gold, followed the crowd into the different courts and temples and took off as soon as we could – away from the crowd, raised flags and buzz. Mr R kept commenting on how hot and crowded the entire complex was so I whisked him off to the quieter Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha) and made him enter the temple on his own while I rested outside. So much for an early start to the day.

Note: They have a strict dress code. So avoid wearing revealing clothes, especially for the women. Sleeveless/low-cut tops, shorts, slippers are definitely a no go.

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