Roaming the Vatican Museums


I got myself the Omnia Vatican & Rome pass 3 Days Pass while I was there. I did my research and concluded that despite the hefty price I paid, this all in one card would be worth it (it was 94 euros!). I am not advertising for them, but this card included all the top Rome attractions which needed an entrance fee. It covers your transportation fees too – so you don’t have to worry about paying for buses, the metro or trams.

The best bit? You don’t have to queue to get into the Vatican City. The queue into the Vatican museums alone will take you an hour under the blistering sun. I have always equated time to money, so, skipping the queue and spending one full day in the museum made me a very happy girl. The museums in Vatican are dizzying and confusing. They have the

  •        Etruscan Museum
  •        Egyptian Museum
  •        Missionary-Ethnological Museum
  •        Lateran Profane Museum
  •        Vatican Pinacoteca
  •        And of course, the famed Sistine Chapel (which is the only focus for most tourists)

I might have missed out some museums but basically the Vatican museums are like a tiny museum village packed with tour groups and their flashy cameras, smartphones and annoying Ipads. I don’t get how snapping picture after picture in a museum will help you appreciate the art more. Like any other museums, the Vatican Museums are packed with countless gems and treasures of the past. What differs is the ceilings. Each ceiling of each room is painted beautifully with the classics. Each room holds a new wonder for the beholder. Yes, it is crowded – you walk shoulder to shoulder while being hurriedly ushered into each room; I had no choice but to snap incessantly away so that I can scrutinise the collection later on at my own time.

The Sistine Chapel is truly something – I have only one word for it which is awe-inspiring. The disruption to the viewing was the constant shush-ing and sssh-ing made by the docents which was three parts annoying and one part amusing. They had to keep telling people to move along, move in, don’t stand there, ssshhh, shush that I felt more like a kindergartener than a legit adult traveller. The entire space is packed (understatement) and teeming with tour groups from all nations, which makes the experience overbearing but unforgettable as well.

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