(Photoblog) Visiting Line Friends Store in Itaewon, Seoul

Line Friends Store_Korea_-86Line Friends Store_Korea_-90Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-16Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-18Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-19Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-21Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-22Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-25Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-29Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-379Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-381Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-382Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-384Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-385Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-386Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-387Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-388Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-613Line Friends Store_Seoul_Korea_-614

Because Line deserves a special place in my heart (and blog).

P.S: Don’t bother going to the Myeondong Line Store – it is crowded all the time and things are always sold out.

Visit the flagship store in Itaewon directly (Itaewon station, exit 3 – walk for around 5 to 8 minutes and you will see the entire building decorated with Brown and his friends).

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