Namsan Seoul Tower – a must see for couples (and the romantic)

Namsan Tower_Seoul_Korea_-398NamsanTower_Seoul_Namsan_Seoul_Korea_-4NamsanTower_Seoul_Namsan_Seoul_Korea_-9NamsanTower_Seoul_Namsan_Seoul_Korea_-7NamsanTower_Seoul_Namsan_Seoul_Korea_-12NamsanTower_Seoul_Namsan_Seoul_Korea_-19NamsanTower_Seoul_Namsan_Seoul_Korea_-20NamsanTower_Seoul_Namsan_Seoul_Korea_-29NamsanTower_Seoul_Namsan_Seoul_Korea_-33NamsanTower_Seoul_Namsan_Seoul_Korea_-26

One of the places that define Seoul is the Namsan Tower aka Namsan Seoul Tower. Most cities have that one place which allows visitors to take in the city skyline and this is it for Seoul.

It is located next to Myeongdong so we planned our itinerary around that area during our visit. To capture sunset in Seoul, and head over to Myeongdong for dinner and some shopping. There are a few ways to get to Namsan Seoul tower.

  1. You take the yellow shuttle bus (950won) → take the cable car (2 way for 8,000won)
  2. You walk → take the cable car
  3. You walk all the way.

We chose option 2. There are a few ways to get to the cable car stop but one of the most straight forward route will be taking Exit 4 from Myeongdong Station. Walk straight until the main Hoehyeon intersection and turn left – you will see quite a steep inclined elevator at the end of the slope. Take that, and you will reach the cable car stop at the top.

We found the Shuttle Bus option a little confusing (basically we failed to locate the shuttle pick up point lah). The cable car proved to be quite a scenic option with a panoramic view of the surrounding hilly landscape and the city buildings. It’s quite a fast ride too – approx 3 minutes and filled with other tourists and a surprising number of young Korean couples. I guess this is one of their go-to spot for dates? It does have quite a romantic ambience and makes for a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city while located in the city itself.

We didn’t enter the Tower as there was a fee and we basically visited the tower just to have it checked off our list. We spent two hours there taking pictures of the love locks, the skyline and the city views – that’s about it. We waited for the sun to set because we are suakus that had not seen a city at night. It works every time – this strangely therapeutic feeling watching the city lights flicker and beam here and there. Talk about noise and sound pollution.

Perhaps the next time we visit, we will enter the Tower and explore the many floors of entertainment available inside it. Till then.


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