Dix – La Fin

4k-wallpaper-beautiful-blur-1333324.jpg10 –
You are not my forever friend.

I chant it like a mantra; I chant as though my life depends on it.

I deem
you the shooting star in the sky,
the chocolate sprinkles on top of treasured ice creams,
the crust of my favourite lemon meringue pie;
you are the start of every vacation,
the end of a long and exhausting meeting,
the first cold snip of an overdue haircut.
the chorus of a favourite song,
the climax of a best-loved movie,
and most of all, the epilogue of a life-changing book.

You are tucked in between every feeling that spells wonderful and the end.

Sometimes, I think you are my best-kept secret.

We shuttle in (un)intentional ciphers of you’s and I’s – two entities attempting but failing to see eye-to-eye. You, bright as daylight, and I, dark as the night. You, the epitome of cold, calculated logic, and I, steaming in a cauldron of emotions and desires. You, viewing the world from the apex of your piqued persona, where as I, ruminate ceaselessly for open conclusions.

I have no idea how we kept our friendship for ten years. I have stopped wondering about you, about us, about the mechanism that defines our seasonal friendship. Blink, and here we are, at the crossroads of our lives. Twenty-9, single, lost, and found wanting (but that is okay, I am usually okay without a map – just not so okay with not knowing endings). With you, we already know our ending long ago.

P.S: Thank you for these 10 years of shared moments and, in some ways, a lifetime of treasured remembrances.

P.P.S: We learn about life in each season as fast as we learn about hearts that are capable of breaking again, again, and, again and heal just to break again.

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