Seventeen and counting

1. I first saw you, a little, across the room – ponytailed, bright, open, and boisterous.

9. Once, twice, thrice – I thought I almost lost you yet I was the same towards you like how I was towards my only other loved one – I stayed and waited for you to come back. You did. I didn’t know then that waiting was hard; I thought losing you was harder. I still think it so today.

17. I peeked into your life, on the other side of the continent, watched how you live, savoured how you grew without me amongst those years of distance and letter-writing (you grew well, my love), and I smiled because today, we are still in each other’s lives, hearts, moments, and time.

2019 is coming to an end. In truth, it is only another year yet. The turning of numbers – into 2020, into another decade seems to spur big hopes and anticipations (let’s not forget those memes) and for those of us 90-ers, we are stepping into another life stage – our 30s. None the wiser but increasingly nit-picky with specific preferences and uncompromising lifestyles, we are truly, and unavoidably the adults that we once look up to. I digress.

One harrowing (I kid, I am only trying to fit in) issue is that of single-hood. Being 30 and single seems almost like a life-sentence but while I am known for many things, greed is not one of them. I have already found myself a soulmate and if I can never find another in the form of my love, romantic partner, husband, whatever-one-calls-such-things, it is truly fine by me. We have walked a long way – with pages of history wedged between us, pulling us closer and each moment since, has brought us further understanding and warmth – there is no need for blood warranties, you are of my blood.

There are so many things I want to pen down but – 

Most importantly,

As 2019 draws to a close, I would like to express my deepest thanks for being with me since 2002. I am looking forward to our future journeys and regardless of what life throws at us, we would walk through them.

To V.

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