Food-tasting local food in Seoul ♥

Wangbijib located in the heart of MyeongdongTosokchon – Ginseng Chicken Barbeque! BBQ all day errday.  Myeongdong Street Food  Sigol Bapsang – Banchan Tasting (Itaewon)  Kyochon Chicken – DeliveryHangover Soup / Gamjatang (not that we were, mind you)Army Stew My top food list during our rendezvous in Seoul: #1 – BBQ Pork and Beef #2 –…

Visiting Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Palace.

In Gyeongbokgung Palace, I felt like I was trapezing through the hallways and colorful buildings, the history coming alive to represent the present and the future of Korea as a nation. The adrenaline rush was a not so subtle reminder to keep exploring and observing the crooks and crannies that had built a nation through…

Our one-day itinerary in Gyeongju

They don’t call Gyeongju the “museum without walls” without good reason. The entire city teems with history; even the breaths you take are weighted and seemingly unabating. Two days would be a comfortable itinerary to see Gyeongju but if you, like us, want to spend only a day, it is possible too.

Exploring Busan’s Taejongdae

I really, really love how Busan has the perfect outdoor spots for a good hike or walk. People who know me will know that I enjoy a good hike; that even if my current hibernating state, I am undaunted when faced with a good flight of stairs – or slope. Taejongdae in Busan, Korea is such a venue. With its steady stream of slopes around the park and flight of stairs down to the lighthouse – I was secretly thrilled and enjoying every moment.