Exploring Busan’s Taejongdae

I really, really love how Busan has the perfect outdoor spots for a good hike or walk. People who know me will know that I enjoy a good hike; that even if my current hibernating state, I am undaunted when faced with a good flight of stairs – or slope. Taejongdae in Busan, Korea is such a venue. With its steady stream of slopes around the park and flight of stairs down to the lighthouse – I was secretly thrilled and enjoying every moment.

Traveling to Busan: 3-Day Itinerary

In Busan, we split our hotel stays into two areas – one in Seomyeon, one in Haeundae. Initially, we thought it would help us save time as Busan is a sprawling city with its attractions dotted on varying places. We kept reading different reviews and blogs and decided to split the stay. Turned out it…